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The Product

Ticket selling super-powers

Online events

Sell tickets to venues, or online events, such as those hosted on Zoom or Google Meets.

Intelligent fund routing

Co-promoting events? Easily split ticket sales instantly between 1 or more accounts.

Queuing at scale

We manage popular events with a fair and efficient queuing system.

Detailed Analytics

We provide detailed insights into your event and ticket sales.

Partial baskets

Just in case not all tickets could be reserved at that particular time, we allow customers to checkout with ‘partial’ baskets.


Build your online mailing list for use in future marketing campaigns.

Ticket types

Create multiple ticket types, such as 'Early Bird' and 'VIP'.

Touring events

Manage events with multiple dates, in multiple locations.

Sell tickets for events hosted online

Online Events

Throughout COVID, events have continued online. ticketbuddy supports selling tickets to events hosted on a private URL, such as a zoom link with a password.

Route funds to multiple stakeholder accounts

Collaborative ticketing

ticketbuddy supports cooperation of promoters, venue owners and equipment hire companies by allowing funds to be split between multiple stakeholder accounts.

Ticket-first queuing

Queuing At Scale

ticketbuddy asks customers to select the tickets they want, before being added to the queue. Our queueing system is embedded by default in our checkout flow, and enables us match the scale of your event.

Analyse your data

Detailed Analytics

It's important to truly understand the performance of your event. This is why we're constantly adding new tools for your use, to enable true insights into your data.

Best-effort reservations

Partial baskets

When your customers select tickets to your event, they will be able to checkout with a full basket, or a parital basket if there's not enough quantity for a particular ticket type.

Using this feature, as the organiser, you can judge the interest in your event even after the tickets have sold-out. This information can be used to setup additional dates for the event, or increase capacity.

Build your following

Build repeat custom

ticketbuddy allows customers to follow promoters, this enables promoters to build a loyal following and send promotional content to these customers.

Early bird, VIP, student...

Custom ticket types

ticketbuddy allows you to offer your customers multiple ticket types, by setting the `title` field for each ticket!

Multiple dates & locations for an event

Touring events

Promoting a touring event? ticketbuddy allows you to set multiple dates at varying locations for an event.